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All Notifications – COVID-19
Sr No Notifications/Orders Date
68 OFFICE ORDER- U/S 34 of National Disaster Management Act, 2005 Dated: 24-NOV-2020. 2020/11/25
67 OFFICE ORDER- Notification dated: 24-11-2020. 2020/11/25
66 ORDER- U/S 34 of National Disaster Management Act, 2005. 2020/11/17
65 ORDER- De-notified Institutional Quarantine Facilities. 2020/09/18
64 ORDER- The Veterinary staff is exempted from the cluster containment survey teams. 2020/07/18
63 ORDER- Sites to Install holdings for display of IEC material regarding prevention from COVID-19. 2020/07/04
62 ORDER- Opening and Closing days and timing for Saloons and Restaurants. 2020/07/04
61 ORDER- In the entire territorial area of District Shimla with the modification that movement of Individuals shall remain strictly prohibited between 9 PM to 5 AM, except for essential services. 2020/07/01
60 ORDER- regrading migrant laborers coming to the state. 2020/06/22
59 ORDER-A Contract tracing cell be constituted for effective contact tracing COVID-19 positive persons. 2020/06/16
58 ORDER- All the beauty parlous and Saloons in Shimla District are allowed to start all services including hair cutting subject to fulfill the guidelines/SOP. 2020/06/15
57 ORDER- All the persons of District Shimla who are Traveling to other states with valid Pass for Medical, Business and Office purpose and intend to return to state with in 48 Hours. 2020/06/15
56 ORDER- All the SDM’s in Shimla District are here by authorized to decide the Opening and Closing time of shops and commercial establishments in their respective sub-divisions. 2020/06/15
55 H.P. High Court Guest House, Kaithu is here by notified as Institutional Quarantine Facility 2020/06/15
54 ORDER- Domestic Helicopter Services/The norms related to the Travelers-COVID-19 2020/06/15
53 SOPs for Monitoring of Home Quarantined Persons 2020/06/12
52 Order- Following are De-Notified from the list Institutional Quarantine facilities 2020/06/09
51 Guidelines issued by Ministry of Home Affairs dated 30-05-2020 for Phased re-opening (Unlock-1) “Annexure – A” shall be applicable in the district Shimla with the following modification 2020/05/31
50 Order- Due to recommendation the following institutions are also declared as Institutional Quarantine Facility 2020/05/30
49 Order-Extend the period of Prohibitory Order passed on 24-03-2020 and all subsequent orders upto 30-06-2020 2020/05/23
48 Order-In respect of all the shops of Hair Dressers, Saloons and Beauty Parlours in Shimla Distirct are allowed to open daily with following the guidelines issued. 2020/05/23
47 The Cluster Containment Survey Teams for 34 wards of Municipal Corporation Shimla 2020/05/20
46 Order- Relaxation in curfew in Shimla district shall be from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM 2020/05/19
45 Order-Shall come into force in the entire territorial area of District Shimla 2020/05/18
44 Order- In respect of liquor shop in Shimla District 2020/05/18
43 Order- 14 days institutional quarantine is mandatory for people coming from other state Red Zone and having influenza like illness. 2020/05/11
42 Office Order- List of institutions declared as Institutional Quarantine Facility in District Shimla 2020/05/13
41 Office Order- Movement within District Shimla by personal vehicle shall be allowed during curfew hours without pass 2020/05/11
40 Office Order-Surveillance personnel in accordance with the para 2 (b) of the Himachal Pradesh Epidemic Disease COVID-19 Regulation, 2020 2020/05/10
39 Office Order- Relaxation hours Extended in curfew in Shimla District. 2020/05/08
38 Order-Essential item’s shops are allowed to open on Sunday 2020/05/08
37 Order U/S 144 Cr.PC – In Continuation of this office order No. SML-ADM(L/O)/COVID19-I-1520-27 Dated 03/05/2020 2020/05/04
36 Office Order – The validity of curfew passes issued from this office further extended till date of curfew 2020/05/03
35 Order- All the shop in the District except barbers shops, hair saloons, spas, bars and ahatas are allowed to open for 5 hours between 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM 2020/05/03
34 COVID19 – Orders regarding opening timings of Shops, Morning walk is allowed within local 2020/04/26
33 Office Order-In Continuation of Extend the validity of Curfew passes 2020/04/20
32 Revised Guidelines to allow certain selected permitted additional activities outside the containment zone w.e.f. 20-04-2020 2020/04/20
31 Directions to be Complied- Order U/S 34 of National Disaster Management Act, 2005 2020/04/16
30 Order U/S 34 of National Disaster Management Act, 2005 2020/04/16
29 Office Order-In Continuation of Extend the validity of Curfew passes 2020/04/14
28 Exemption is allowed in curfew to organize the Himachal Day Function on 15th April, 2020 at The Ridge 2020/04/13
27 Office Order – In continuation the stationary shops are allowed to open during curfew 2020/04/11
26 Office Orders-In continuation of entry of public at large in places of religious worship had been stopped 2020/04/11
25 Office Order- Exemptions are allowed in curfew to ensure unobstructed movement of the vehicles involved in transportation of essential supply 2020/04/08
24 Office Order-In Continuation of Extend the validity of Curfew passes 2020/04/07
23 Office Order- Under Section 34 of the National Disaster Management Act-2005, to ensure sanitization of public places 2020/04/03
22 Office Order- An Active Case Finding Campaign (ACF) to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19 2020/04/01
21 Office Order-Extend the validity of Curfew passes 2020/03/31
20 Order-In Continuation of Institution is hereby declared as Institutional Quarantine Facility 2020/03/31
19 Order- In references of Banks in District Shimla 2020/03/30
18 Order-Institution is hereby declared as Institutional Quarantine Facility 2020/03/30
17 Order – Under Section 144 Cr. PC (REVISED) 2020/03/27
16 Order-In refernce to this office Order No. SML-PSH(7)/2004-Part-II-654-68 dated 24th March-20 and SML-PSH(7)/2004-Part-II-695-710 Dated: 25-03-2020 2020/03/26
15 Corrigendum-In refernce to this office Order No. SML-PSH(7)/2004-Part-II-654-68 dated 24th March-2020 2020/03/26
14 Nodal Officer of the District Level Control Room-COVID-19 2020/03/26
Order Regarding Curfew relaxation
12 Orders in respect of banks to be open 2020/03/25
11 Order 2020/03/25
10 Order – CURFEW in the District Shimla till further order 2020/03/24
9 Order- Whosoever has travelled and returned from any foreign Country during the last 28 days. (COVID-19) 2020/03/21
8 Precautions- Whosoever has travelled from any other State of Country during last 14 days(COVID-19) 2020/03/21
7 Directions/ Instructions issued in public interest (COVID-19) 2020/03/21
6 Aadhar enrolment centers of UIDAI being operated in shimla District are hereby order to be closed 2020/04/16
5 Order-Precautionary measures to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19 2020/03/18
4 Notification-Profiteering prevention in business of selling or storing for sale of hand sanitizers, Mask 2020/03/18
3 Office Notification- Designate Surveillance Officer-(COVID-19) 2020/03/16
2 Office Notification- -(COVID-19) 2020/03/16
1 Order- Advisory regarding mass gatherings in view of the COVID-19 2020/03/14