Fair & Festivals

Bharara Fair

This fair is held in village Bharara near Kumharsain and people of all castes and creed participate. The fair is held on the 1st of Jaistha(May), It is being celebrated from ancient times. Devta Koteshwar is brought in the fair and goats are sacrificed in its honour as a mark of respect. The fair is cultural and recreational and ‘Natti’ dances are performed. People also enjoy ‘Hindola’ ride.

Bhoj Fair

This fair is held in village Guman in Rohru tehsil in the month of November. for three days in honour of Devta Bansor, Parshu Ram and Kilbaru. Devta Bansor is the presiding deity.Beside paying homage to the deities ‘Natti’ dances are performed by the people. The fair attracts a huge crowd.

Lavi Fair

Lavi fair of Rampur is the most important fair of the district and state. It is a commercial fair held on the 25th of Kartika (November). It is said that the fair was related to the signing of trade treaty between the erstwhile Bushahr State and Tibet.. The shepherds of Kinnaur migrate to warmer places before the on set of winter and on their way they halt at Rampur. The woollen goods,dry fruits and medicinal herbs brought by them are purchased by the people and the traders of the plains and foodgrains,clothes and utensils are sold. It is a very old fair and entirely related to the sale and purchase of goods. ‘Natti’ dances and cultural shows are the main attractions.

Mahasu Jatar

This fair is celebrated at a place about 6 Kms from Shimla-Kotkhai road near Mahasu village on the 3rd Tuesday in the month of Baisakha(May) for two days. The fair is a very old one and is held in front of the Durga Devi temple by a large gathering who throng the place from the neighbouring areas. It is believed that a Rana of Badoli lived in Chakroth near Mahasu. He had built Durga temple there. After the abolition of his jagir the Rana left the village and the vilagers of Mahasu constructed a temple of Durga in their own village and to commemorate the occasion they started the fair. ‘Natti’ dances and folk songs are performed. Archery game is the main attraction of entertainment. At the end of the fair a goat is sacrificed.


This fair is held in village Halog of tehsil Shimla. Halog was the capital of erstwhile Dhami state. The fair is held on the second day of Diwali in the month of Kartik(November). In ancient times human sacrifice,it is said, used to be offered to goddess Kali every year at the spot where the fair is now held. It is also said that on this day the widow of a ruler of the state performed ‘Satti’ and that before doing so she had ordered to make human sacrifice henceforth. Human sacrifice was stopped after sometimes. Stone throwing fight between two parties is the main attraction of the fair and whatever blood oozes out from the wounds caused by injuries on the bodies of the participants is collected and offered to the Kali. Apart from the stone throwing game the ‘hindola’ ride is also enjoyed.

Sipi Fair

This fair is held every year in Sihpur below Mashobra on the 1st of Jaistha(may) in honour of Sip Devta. It is very old fair and the Rana of Koti used to be the chief visitor. Thousands of people of the surrounding areas participate in the fair. A goat is slaughtered in honour of the deity. Archery game is played besides several cultural programmes, variety shows, ‘Karyala’, Performance of the jugglers, magicians and acrobats provide additional entertainment to the spectators.

Summer Festival

It is held every year in the month of May at Shimla. It is variety cultural function with performance of local folks, cultural program by school children and daily performance by some famous personality. It is held on the famous ridge ground.

Winter sports festival

Ice-skating in Shimla is a big attraction for the sports-lovers during winter. Shimla is the only place in Asia which has the privilege of having a natural Ice-skating rink of the kind and offers a popular pastime to the participants and on lookers alike. Ice-skating normally begins in early December and carries on to February. Clear skies and low temperatures provide series of uninterrupted sessions. There are two sessions every day, in the morning and in the evening depending upon the frozen ice on the ground . The hanging baloon on the Municipal Building adjacent to scandal point works as signal , whether the skating is going to be held on that day or not.Membership is available for the season as well as for shorter terms and even for single sessions. Skates are available at the rink.Fancy dress carnivals, ‘gymkhanas’ ice-hockey and dances enliven every season.

Rohru Fair

This fair is held in Rohru on the 9th and 10th of Baiskha (April) on the banks of river Pabbar in honour of Devta Shikru. People of nearby villages are the devotees of the Devta. It is very old fair and is held to commemorate the supremacy of the deity. This fair is also a commercial one and apart from the performance of ‘Natti’ dances and cultural activities,brisk trading is also done. Men and Women costumed in their best attire participate in the fair.