Higher Education

The department has tried to incorporate the study of the composite culture of India, India’s relations with other nations of the world, international institutions UNO, IMF, World Bank, WTO etc. Which would stand the generation in good steady in developing and all – encompassing outlook. Technical and vocational courses have been modeled on internationally accepted lines as a result of which, Indian Scientists and Technical Brains have gained global recognition.

Government High School Total number of Schools
Total Number of Govt. High Schools 124
Total Number of Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools 281
Total Govt. High Schools in Rural 117
Total Govt. High Schools in Urban 07
Total Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools in Rural 257
Total Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools in Urban 24
Total Number of Govt. Degree Colleges 18
Total Number of Sanskarit Colleges 04

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