e Governance in the District

Shimla has always been a cynosure of many eyes essentially for its natural beauty and historical impact. Apart from being visited by number of Indian and foreign tourists, this beautiful summer capital of erstwhile British Raj in India and the present capital of Himachal Pradesh is now becoming a perfect destination for ICT too.

District Administration has made a long stride in providing many eGovernance Services with the technical knowhow of District Centre of NIC. The District NIC Unit, established in 1988, has been instrumental in bringing IT culture in the District. The major eGovernance activities of District Administration are :

Land Records Computerisation

  • Himbhoomi software for Land Records Computerisaton has been implemented in all the 25 Tehsils/Sub Tehsils of the District.
  • Himbhoomi Software having modules of Jamabandi, Mutation are in use at Tehsils
  • The mutation module is used for updation of land records data and generation of new Jamabandis of villages, which is generated after every five years.
  • The project has benefitted the revenue staff in timely preparation of records
  • Public has been facilitated by way of availability of ROR at Tehsil Sugam centres or at the LMKs (Lok Mitra Kendra).
  • The ROR is generated on real time basis by accessing the Tehsil servers. The public has been provided access to view the Land details on the Revenue Department web site.

Location Directory

  • The Location Directory Software has been implemented in all the 25 Tehsils/Sub Tehsils
  • The software is used for allotment of new codes to villages and updation of related information of a village
  • The Location Directory data is used in Land Records,Property Registeration, Minor Irrigation Census, Circle Rates etc.
  • The standard codes allotted to villages are used for generation of District Village Directory and same data is used for generation of State Location Directory

Cadastral Maps

  • The Cadestral Maps (Musavis) of all the 3347 villages of District Shimla have been scanned
  • The maps have been converted into Digital format
  • The Land Records data of every village have been mapped to the Digital MUsavis, showing the owners against each plot.
  • BhuNaksha Software prepared by NIC is being used for viewing the Maps and Owner ship against it, same will be made available to the public.

Minor irrigation Census

The census of all the Irrigation sources is done village wise and web based software is being used for capturing the parameters of all the irrigation sources in the District.

Circle Rates

The village wise rates for calculation of Stamp duty have been fixed on criteria like plot available on Highway Road, State Road or Local Road along with its distance for the road. Every year rates are revised. Software for managing the rates and making it available to the public is being used. Rates can be checked on the web site and a mobile app is also available for it.

Driving Licence Issuance System (Sarthi)

  • The web based Sarthi software has been implemented in all the 8 Registration and Licencing Authorities of the District.
  • The web based Driving licence software has provision for the applicant to apply online for the Learner License and transactions on Permanent License.
  • The fees can also be paid online.
  • The portal URL is
  • Sarthi software is comprehensive software used for issuance of New Learner Licence, Permanent Driving Licence, Renewal of DL, Addition of COV, Issuance of NOC of DL and other transactions.
  • The Learner Licence is issued by this system after applicant has appeared in online Test and successfully passed it.
  • The biometric of the applicant is capture through web camera and Signature pad.

Registration of Vehicles (Vahan)

  • The web based Vahan software has been implemented in all the 8 Registration and Licencing Authorities of the District.
  • The software is used for registration of New Vehicles, Transfer of Owner, Addition and Removal of Hypothecation, Issuance of NOC to other RLA, Change of Address etc. The printed RC is generated and software has many reports.
  • The portal URL is
  • Many services are available online to the public
  • Fees can be paid online for these services

Registration of Deeds (HimRis)

  • Himachal Registration Information System (Himris) is operational in all the Tehsils/Sub Tehsils of the District.
  • All type of deeds are registered by the system having feature to capture biometrics, input data is validated with online land records data before deed gets registered.
  • The Himris software is integrated with Land Records and any transactions related to property are recorded immediately on the Land Records database and reflected in the ROR.
  • SRO offices are now able to return back the registered documents same day and this has brought efficiency in their working.

Arms License Issuance System (ALIS)

  • The web based ALIS software is operational in the Collectorate and Sub Divisions.
  • All type of New Arms Licenses (Individual, Sports, Institutional) are processes in ALIS
  • The ALIS software allots new Unique Identification Number to Fresh License and all the transactions are done on the basis of UIN.
  • ALIS is used for Renewal, Extension of Purchase period, Addition of Weapon and many more transactions.

Public Grievance Redressal System (eSamadhan)

  • The eSamadhan software has been implemented at the level of DC,SDM and Tehsil,Sub Tehsil level
  • eSamadhan has option of accepting the grievance online entered by public and entered directly by the authority.
  • Each grievance has been categorized and has fixed disposal time otherwise alerts are raised.
  • The status of the authority wise grievances is available online to the Head of Department, Secretaries and Ministers.
  • The implementation of this system has introduced transparency in the system and timely disposal of the grievances.

Schemes MIS

  • The main activity of the District Administration is sanctioning of new developmental schemes and monitoring of already sanctioned schemes.
  • The Multiuser and Multilevel software is being used for the Planning and Relief Branches in the collectorate.
  • All the schemes are being fed into the computer and after getting sanctions from the DC sanction letter is generated from the computer.
  • The software has strong query based reports generation system, which are being used for monitoring of schemes.

Inner Line Permit

  • The tribal areas of Kinnaur is restricted for the foreigners and they have to get the permits for visiting these areas.
  • These permits are issued by the District Administration for specific period.
  • The photograph of the foreigner is captured by web cam and printed permits are issued.

e-Kiosk in the Collectorate Office

e-Kiosk has been installed in the collectorate . A Touch Screen has been placed and locally developed application has been installed in it. It has following information :

  • General information about Shimla
  • Contact details of officers in collectorate
  • Information about various schemes of various departments
  • Heritage Section on Shimla with old photographs
  • Statistical Facts of Shimla
  • Temples of Shimla
  • Major tourist points
  • Details about District Disaster Authority

Revenue Courts Monitoring System

  • Revenue Courts monitoring system has been implemented in 43 Revenue Courts at different locations
  • All type of revenue cases are fed into the system and cause list is generated automatically.
  • There is provision to upload the judgements for the decided cases.
  • Citizens can see the cause list for any court and scanned judgements are available online for downloading.
  • The District Authority can monitor all the courts online for number of cases decided, pending etc.

e-District Himachal Pradesh

e-District portal provides 51 online services related to the citizen of Himachal Pradesh like Revenue services, Arm Licence, Certificates etc. through portal