How to Reach

By Train

Shimla is connected to Kalka (96 kms) on Meter Gauge and it takes around 6 Hrs from KALKA to reach SHIMLA. There are 3-4 trains daily from Kalka to Shimla and vice-versa. Shivalik Express is luxury Deluxe Train on this route with less halts and pantry facility. One can also travel through Rail car (one of its kind mainly running on this route in india only). The overnight Kalka Mail from Delhi reaches Kalka in the early morning and that is the time to catch connecting trains on the splendid narrow-gauge train to Shimla. There are 103 tunnels on the route with longest being 1.2 K.M. long.

Time Table of Trains from Shimla to kalka
Train No. Train Name From Departure To Arrival Dist.(Km) Travel Time
52456 Himalyan Queen SML 10:25 KLK 16:10 96 05:45
52458 SML KLK Pass SML 14:25 KLK 20:10 96 05:45
52452 Shivalik DLX EXP SML 17:50 KLK 22:35 96 04:45
52454 SML KLK Express SML 18:30 KLK 23:30 96 05:00
Time Table of Trains from Kalka to Shimla
Train No. Train Name From Departure To Arrival Dist.(Km) Travel Time
52457 SML KLK Pass KLK 03:30 SML 08:55 96 05:25
72451 Rail Motor KLK 05:00 SML 09:20 96 04:20
52451 Shivalik DLX EXP KLK 05:20 SML 10:00 96 04:40
52453 Kalka Shimla Exp. KLK 06:00 SML 11:05 96 05:05
52455 Himalyan Queen KLK 12:10 SML 17:30 96 05:20

Luxury Trains

Shivalik Deluxe Express

Journey time of 4:45 hours stopping enroute only at Barog With a seating capacity of 120, this is a connecting service to Howrah-Kalka mail Luxurious comfort of wall to wall carpeting, wider glass windows, reversible cushioned chairs, table for meals and improved toilet facilities Improved lighting and installed music system for comfort and entertainment. Microphones for communicating with guard and alarm bells to communicate with the driver in emergency. Fare includes break-fast in the UP; and dinner in the DOWN direction.

Shivalik Palace (Tourist Coach)

Can accommodate up to six persons.On board catering with exclusive kitchenware refrigerator installed and well equipped kitchen provided in the coach, Dinning table with beautiful cushioned chairs. Folding cushioned beds for space and comfort, wall to wall carpeting, music system with electronic voice control, decorative lights and plants and luxurious ultra modern fittings in bathrooms. Fare includes, complementary accommodation at Shimla in two retiring rooms for one day and free meals enroute.

By Road

Shimla is connected by road to all the major towns. The chart below shows the distance between the Major Towns and Shimla and duration of journey –

Location Distance Journey Time by Bus Journey Time By Car
Kalka 80kms 03:15 Hrs 03:00 Hrs
Chandigarh 119kms 04:00 Hrs 03:30 Hrs
Ambala 116kms 05:00 Hrs 04:30 Hrs
Delhi 370kms 09:00 Hrs 08:00 Hrs
Agra 568 NA NA
Amritsar 342kms NA NA
Jammu(via Pathankot) 482 16:00 Hrs 12:00 Hrs
Sarinagar 787kms NA NA
Jaipur 629kms NA NA
Lukhnow 867kms NA NA
Dharamshala(via Mandi) 270kms 12:00 Hrs 09:00 Hrs
Dharamshala(via Hamirpur) 235kms 09:00 Hrs 07:00 Hrs
Dalhousie 345kms 14:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs
Chamba 401kms 16:00 Hrs 12:00 Hrs
Kullu 235kms 08:00 Hrs 06:30 Hrs
Manali 280kms 09:30 Hrs 07:15 Hrs
Mandi 143kms 05:30 Hrs 05:00 Hrs
Palampur 235kms 09:30 Hrs 07:00 Hrs
Sarahan 175kms 08:00 Hrs 06:00 Hrs
Sangla 230kms 12:00 Hrs 09:30 Hrs
Kalpa 244kms 13:00 Hrs 10:00 Hrs
Nako 324kms NA NA
Tabo 374kms NA NA
Rohru 100kms 06:00 Hrs 04:00 Hrs
Jubbal 131kms NA NA
Hatkoti 109kms 05:30 Hrs 03:45 Hrs
Chirgaon 137kms 06:30 Hrs 04:15 Hrs
Chail 043kms 02:00 Hrs 01:30 Hrs
Kasauli 075kms 03:00 Hrs 02:30 Hrs
Renuka 165kms 06:00 Hrs 04:30 Hrs
Dehradoon 245kms 09:30 Hrs 08:00 Hrs

Journey Hours are approximate and may vary with driving habits and weather conditions. The Time Calculation are based on normal driving speed at Hills. Buses are frequently available from Chandigarh to Shimla at a gap of half an hour. Delux Buses and Ordinary Buses are also available from all the places.

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By Air

Shimla Airport is at Jubbarhatti, 23 kms from city and is connected to Delhi.

Following are the Details of Flights
To From Airline Name Fare/Seating Capacity Arrival Departure
Delhi Shimla Air India (M/s Alliance Air) Seating Capacity of the Aircraft is 42 but due to load penalty 35 Passengers are coming from New Delhi and 15 Passengers are departing from Shimla. 50% Seats i.e. 18 seats from Delhi-Shimla and 09 Seats from Shimla-Delhi are of RCS rates i.e. Rs. 2200/- and rest of the seats are on commercial rates i.e. from Rs. 7000/- to Rs. 19000/-. 0725 IST 0745 IST